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Trenching Products
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Carbide Tips


We are an ISO 9001 certified facility that offers a wide range of carbide tips to match the various challenges that you might face. Producing over fifty grades of cemented carbide and the ability to create new ones, we can find a carbide grade to meet your needs. Our versatility helps us to check and respond easily to evolving conditions and customer needs. All of our tips provide superb penetration and maximum productivity – regardless of whether you work in soft, medium-hard, or extremely hard and demanding conditions.

Retainers Selection

Our retainer selection keeps tool changes quick and reduces your downtime.

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The Hybrid Difference


XCAL TOOLS hybrid design gives you a blend of the efficient cutting characteristics of our CAP designs, combined with the durability and long life of a plug tip. Our design provides excellent penetration while retaining maximum strength, shear resistance, and durability in challenging conditions, improves safety, efficiency, and working conditions— leading to increased performance, productivity, and lowered production costs.

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Cap Carbide Tips

For superior penetration: the larger carbide shoulder provides excellent protection against steel wash.

Insert Carbide Tips

For high-impact conditions, or working with hard materials where steel wash is not an issue.

The Hybrid Carbide Tip

The tapered bottom design provides more strength where it’s needed most, helping to prevent carbide fracture.

Cap Carbide Tips.png

Cap Carbide Tips

Valve seat carbide tips are preferred over flat bottom tips providing a stronger bond between the carbide and steel giving more stability and support in highly abrasive conditions.

Insert Carbide Tips.png

Insert Carbide Tips

Insert carbide tips are best for penetration applications where steel wash is not an issue. These tips provide a strong bond between carbide and steel giving more stability and support proving ideal for use in hard, high-impact conditions.

Hybrid Carbide Tips

Hybrid tips were developed for all cutting requirements – no matter how tough. You won’t need to switch tools when your conditions change.

Hybrid Carbide Tips.png
Wide-Top Carbide Tips.png

Wide-Top Carbide Tips

Wide-Top tip combines the abrasive resistance of a cap tip with the impact resistance of a plug tip to maximize strength and steel support for ultimate durability in the most challenging conditions.

Trenching Tools

To see all that XCAL TOOLS have to offer download our full line of trenching tools. 

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