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A beauty shot of our Carbide Tips.

Carbide Tips


We are an ISO 9001 certified facility that offers a wide range of carbide tips to match the various challenges that you might face. Producing over fifty grades of cemented carbide and the ability to create new ones, we can find a carbide grade to meet your needs. Our versatility helps us to check and respond easily to evolving conditions and customer needs. All of our tips provide superb penetration and maximum productivity – regardless of whether you work in soft, medium-hard, or extremely hard and demanding conditions.

Valve-Seat Carbide Tips

Valve-Seat carbide tips have a valve-seat braze joint for increased strength and shear resistance. The tips provide excellent penetration, and the large carbide shoulder gives excellent protection against steel wash. These tips are best suited for use in soft to medium materials or conditions.

A beauty shot of our Valve-Seat Carbide Tips.
S-2000 BOARDS are an innovative road grading system


The S-2000 is an innovative road grading system that uses rotating, replaceable tungsten carbide tools as a cutting edge, ideal for maintaining a variety of non-hard surfaced roads (e.g., ice, dirt, gravel, hauling roads, roads including public road districts, private construction contractors, federal land management, logging and mining roads). It works by utilizing a replaceable conical tool installed in a heat-treated adapter board that allows better wear resistance and improved cutting capability over conventional steel blades and can be mounted on a motor grader in place of a conventional blade. It can also be mounted to an under-body blade on a truck or a rear blade on a tractor.

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